Nail Luxury


Luxury Organic Mani

This manicure includes 25 minutes massage with hot stones.  Neck and shoulder massage included.

The Heavenly Mani

Includes mud mask, warm paraffin and 20 minutes hot stones massage, neck, and shoulder massage included.

The Deluxe Mani

Includes mask, Remove dead skin, hot towels and 15 minutes hot stones massage, neck and shoulder massage included.

The Elegant Mani

Your choice of mud mask or paraffin and 10 minutes of stress relieving massage.

The Traditional Mani

Trimming cuticles and 5 minutes massage.

All manicure additional for gel color
Mani and Pedi Combo

Nail Extension and Touch-Up

Starting prices- prices depend on the length of the nail

Acrylic Full-Set
$40 & Up
Acrylic Fill
$35 & Up
Pink & White Full-Set
$55 & Up
Pink & White Fill
$45 & Up
Pink Fill
$35 & Up
Full-Set & Gel Polish
$55 & Up
Fill & Gel Polish
$50 & Up
Nails Take Off
$15 & Up
Nails Repair
$5 & Up
Polish Change French Design Hands/Feet
$15 / $20 & Up
Polish Change Hands/Feet
$15 / $20 & Up
Full Set & Color Powder
$50 & Up
Fill & Color Powder
$40 & Up
Dipping Powder Set (Nexgen)
$40 & Up
Nexgen with Tip
$45 & Up
Gel Color with Mani


(10 years old and under)

Mani & Pedi
Kids Pedicure
$30 +
Kids Manicure
$15 +
Polish Nails & Toe
$25 +
Polish Nails

Nuskin Pedicure - Natural Pedicure

Volcano Spa Pedicure
IceDancer Pedicure
Firewalker Pedicure
Collagen Spa

7ounce*, 6-Step includes Free Serum

Green Tea Pedicure

Green tea has antioxidants that clinically delay the aging of skin cells, allowing visible, healthy,younger-looking skin. Immerse your feet in this Japanese Joy Luck Green tea solution to give your skin the necessary treatment that it deserves.

Milk & Honey Pedicure

Skinmilk mixed with honey moisturize and improve the skin tone. Skinmilk contains various vitamins that provide anti-aging benefits and honey also aid in rejuvenating skin cells eliminating fine wrinkles. This creamy lotion promoted a visibly smoother, firmer appearance leaving your skin feeling soft and fresh.

New York Soho Pedicure

Escape from the commercialism and indulge in this eclectic therapeutic spa pedicure. We will start you off with the aromatic sloughing creme containing peppermint, eucalyptus, and pumice use to Remove rough dry skin while softening the cuticle. Treatment is followed by Skinmilk that provides anti-aging benefits and cocoa butter to soften the skin.

Luxury Lavender

Unlike the other spa pedicures, lavender oil is used in the Replacement of paraffin. Lavender oil smooths out scars, soothes, and relaxes muscle pains while the aroma calms daily stress.


All pedicures include a foot bath on a massage chair, smoothing of the callus, shaping and buffing of the (nails, cuticle treatment, and a relaxing foot massage. While your feet ate soaking, pressured jets will gently massage away those aches and pains.Polish is optional.

Spa Pedicure
Spa Pedi with Callus Remove
Paraffin Pedicure

Paraffin pedicure includes lavender sea salt and sloughing scrub to remove dead skin. Paraffin is used to make it softer and smoother.

Deluxe Spa Pedicure

Deluxe spa pedicure includes lavender sea salt and sloughing scrub to Remove dead skin, mask, and hot towels to make it soft and smooth.


Face Lift Masque

Cleanses and soothes the skin's surface by releasing dead cell buildup and pore-blocking impurities. Walks immediately to temporarily lift, firm, and tone your skin while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Refreshing Face Mask

Exfoliate dead skin cells, remove skin contaminants, moisture balance for your skin, rejuvenate damaged or troubled skin, 50+ minerals for deep cleansing effect leaves skin smooth and refreshed.


Out waxing expeÄŠts use the quickest,most effective, and comfortable techniques to keepyour skin silky, touchable, and hair-free.

Eyebrow Wax
$10 + up
Lip Wax
$7 + Up
Chin Wax
$12 + Up
Whole Face Wax
$30 + Up
Under Arm
$20 + Up
Full Arm
$50 + Up
Half Leg
$35 + Up
Full Leg
$65 + Up